OCTOBER 16 - OCTOBER 26, 2017 - £900

AFTER OCTOBER 26, 2017 - £950

Attendance is limited. Given last year's response, we expect to sell out. If you have not received an invitation, you may apply to attend once registration opens which should be towards the end of the summer.  Registration is limited to Impact investors and those allied to the field.  Impact Capitalism Summit reserves the right to limit attendance. Acceptance for registration does not constitute endorsement of a visa for international registrants.

The summit is to take place at the Royal Institute of British Architects.  The address is 66 Portland Place, London, W1B 1AD.

Hotel Accommodation - Information will follow shortly.  Thank you for your patience.
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The presentations given by fund managers at the Summit do not constitute an offering of securities. Such an offer may only be made in compliance with disclosure and delivery requirements under applicable, securities laws and will be limited to prescribed categories of investors. Some of the Presenters have paid Big Path Capital a fee to present. If any attendee at the event enters into a relationship with anyone met at this event, including without limitation, any presenter, and regardless of the nature of the subsequent relationship, including, without limitation, as customer, supplier, lender, investor, employee, independent contractor, the attendee does so at her or his own risk and must do their own due diligence as Big Path Capital, LLC, Intellivest Securities, Inc. and their employees, affiliates, and agents are in no way responsible for any loss suffered by you if the relationship does not work out. Our responsibility is limited to providing a comfortable venue for your education and entertainment at the event. Attendance at this event is your acknowledgement of the foregoing. Authors of the reports in the "The Data Is In" Section have given permission to include the above links.

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The Impact Capitalism Summit is the largest convening of investors globally focused on maximizing impact and maximizing return.   Attendees include leading family offices, foundations, global wealth investment firms, investment advisors, fund managers, and companies interested in taking a portfolio approach toward impact investing. The conference program is built around diversified asset classes including public equity, public debt, private equity, private debt, and direct investments - showing how institutional investors can make money and have impact.
Who's Attending?
Leading Family Offices, Foundations, Institutional Investors, Wealth Advisors & Asset Managers From Around the Globe

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Impact Capitalism Summit - London
Dr. Julia Balandina-Jacquier
Founder & Managing Director
JBJ Consult

Big Path Capital  is pleased to host the Impact Capitalism Summit London November 7-8, 2017.

The Global Summit will bring together the leading institutional investors deploying capital for return and impact. This event will be a unique cross-continental opportunity to discuss the impact investing space and explore impact investing trends affecting both continents.

The Summit is continuation of 6 Impact Capitalism Summits in Europe and the US and 3 Impact Trade Missions to Amsterdam, London, London, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, and Stockholm.

The 2-day Summit will include key notes, panel discussions, and working groups highlighting examples from across the globe in which capital is being deployed at scale to create both return and impact.
Amanda Feldman

Bridges Impact+
Emma Howard Boyd

Environment Agency
Bonny Landers
Head of Sustainable, Responsible Impact Investment

Sandaire Investment Office
Yvonne Bakkum
Managing Director & Chair

The Netherlands
Pelle Pedersen
Head of Responsible Investment

Marina Leytes
Head of Investor Relations

Sarona Asset Management
Hubertus van der Vaart
CEO & Co-Founder

Abhishek Sharma

Foundation Holdings
Nancy Rosenzweig

Big Path Capital
Matthew Cox
Investment Director

The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Ryan Black
Co-Founder & CEO

Dana Lanza
CEO & Co-Founder

Confluence Philanthropy
Miriam Schmitter
Managing Director

Commonfund Capital
Matt Christensen
Global Head Responsible for Investment
Christian Wray
Co-Founder & CEO

JCM Power
Laura Callanan
Founding Partner

Upstart Co-Lab

Big Path Capital was founded in 2007 in response to the old economy driven by the single gear of profit maximization reaching a dead end.  It was a moment of reckoning during which Big Path Capital was formed to advance an expansive economy built on natural, social, and financial capital. This new path, conducting business for profit and impact, represents the largest investment opportunity of our era.

Big Path’s has four focus areas:
About Big Path - Celebrating 10 Years of Leadership

Companies:  assists owners in the sale of their businesses and in equity and debt capital raises
Funds:  provides capital raising services to private equity fund managers
Convenings: organizes several marquee events for institutional impact investors
Education:   creates several initiatives to address the knowledge gap within the imapct investment sector.
Article:  Big Path Capital: Impact Investing's Investment Bank
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Scaling Impact Across Borders
Activate & Allocate
...An Impact Capitalism Summit
7th & 8th November 2017